david bouhadana review

I was doing some research on the best New York City restaurants and I came across a TimeOut New York David Bouhadana review that featured the NYC restaurant of David Bouhadana: Sushi by Bou. After reading this review about David Bouhadana and his sushi restaurant, I decided it’s the one place in NYC that I need to try!

One thing I learned from the David Bouhadana review is about omakase, which is a Japanese word for “chef’s choice.” This form of the art of sushi has become common amongst a generation of NYC diners who are willing to put the fate of their meal into the hands of a masterful sushi chef such as David Bouhadana.

This affordable way of dining has led to the emergence of one of NYC’s trendiest restaurants: Sushi by Bou. At Sushi by Bou, they’re all about providing wallet-friendly, high-quality omakase for their guests. Sushi chef David Bouhadana offers 12 courses for $50.

Sushi by Bou is the latest great venture by David Bouhadana, who made a name for himself in the sushi community by cutting his teeth at Sushi Dojo and Sushi on Jones in the past. His Sushi by Bou locations in Gansevoort Market and below midtown’s Sanctuary Hotel have a four-seat counter and offer an efficient and enjoyable sushi eating experience.

David Bouhadana’s “sushi show” includes 12 pieces of delicious sushi eaten in a prompt 30 minutes. Guests receive a new sushi treat every two-and-a-half minutes, including hokkaido uni, creamy and cold; toro laced with luscious fat; blackened Wagyu melting into charred-edged rice.

If you happen to be at one of the Sushi by Bou locations and David Bouhadana is at the other location, you’ll be happily greeted by his sushi helper, who maintains the quality and efficiency of the restaurant. Supposedly if you ask him where his boss is he responds, “My chef works 24 hours.” That kind of work ethic is certainly paying off for David Bouhadana, whose restaurant in providing some of the most delicious sushi in NYC, much of which is flown in daily from Tokyo’s renowned Tsukiji market.

New York City is known for having some high-priced sushi spots. And not all of them live up to expectations or the price. But Sushi by Bou has mastered the art of omakase and is providing fairly priced, top-notch sushi.